Introducing me – a university student learning the importance of ICT

Hi fellow ICT strugglers,

My name is Anita and this is my blog based on the subject EDC3100 – ICT and Pedagogy.  I’m just entering into my third year of a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood). I come from the complete opposite industry to education –Aviation. I graduated from high school here in Hervey Bay and set off to the big smoke (Brisbane) to fulfil my childhood dream as a flight attendant. However my body wasn’t built for the job and within the first 12 months of flying I had perforated both of my ears three times – something that is utterly painful and impossible to continue with that career. So it was time for a change, and I decided to then move back home to Hervey Bay and study my bachelor – something that I am thoroughly enjoying as well as working with children.

My ICT abilities are somewhat similar to most Gen Y members. We all know how to explore (stalk) on Facebook and how to upload videos on YouTube, but having to write blogs and how to implement the use of technology with children in the classroom – who in most cases have a better understanding of technology than us, is something that I currently don’t have the confidence for. However, this course will surely assist with these concern and turn them into another skill that we can all use as pre-service teachers.

I feel that children these days thrive so much on the use of technology that it needs to be included in the way they learn. From such a young age, children now are giving “smart devices” to entertain them and on most occasions they know how to use them better than you or I. Technology is so powerful and important and therefore it is vital that it is included in the way that we teach.

Enjoy and good luck to all in this course… together we can smash this!


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