The many ways ICT is displayed in schools already

Hi there,

Recently I was talking to my sister who lives in Tasmania. She was telling me about a blog that my nephew’s Kindergarten uses and how they update it on a weekly basis to give the children’s family a way to keep up to date with what the children are learning. This stood out to me, as my parents live in QLD (as do I) and we miss out on seeing what my sisters children are achieving at school, but having a sign up to this blog means we can view his weekly updates and progresses just like my sister can.

My sister and brother-in-law both work full time, therefore they are unable to pick my nephew up from his Kindergarten class (as he attends after school care) and therefore it helps them to be able to have an understanding of his classroom activities and allows them to have conversations at home with him in regards to what he is doing at Kindy. They implemented this ICT to allow open-ended questions and face-to-face interaction to be achievable between the student and their parents/families.

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Educa beginner


2 thoughts on “The many ways ICT is displayed in schools already

  1. Hi Anita

    I think this is a brilliant idea. I will have to bank this idea to use in my teaching career. We have many families that are seperated by land and sea so this would be awesome.


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