Primary Schools Supplying Students with Laptops

Good Day Bloggers,

Experienced such a relevant moment in regards to the use of technology in my work place this afternoon. I work in an After School Care program and today one of the children approached me to help her with her homework. I agreed to help her whilst I supervised the children in the play room, so she went to her bag and grabbed her laptop out. This student is in Year 5 at one of the local state primary schools, where one tier of both year 5 and year 6 students are granted with an individual laptop for the year that they use on a daily basis, including doing their homework.

This immediately raised awareness to me on how much technology is in these children’s lives already. And as I proceeded to help this student it demonstrated to me the importance of incorporating ICT into the curriculum. As we completed the excel sheets that were labelled: Spelling, Maths, Reading and Comprehension, the technology of todays world was evident as when the correct answer was entered the box would turn green – indicating that the correct answer had been entered.

I was unable to find anything on this topic on this particular school’s website, but was able to locate the below link to another school that has a similar program implemented into the school’s curriculum. This is prime example of what these children’s future is going to be like, and why we need to learn ways to have ICT in our pedagogy as well as our curriculum.

Speak Soon,

Old School Student


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