Is the excesive amount of ICT ruining our social lives???

Howdy Bloggers,

In our online learning plan this week, we discussed how much ICT is impacting our younger generations lives, but what we have forgotten is, how much it is affecting us, the Gen Y population. How much has the invention of technology changed us? The question that was given to us to ponder over was “Is technology making us antisocial? True or False?”. I, myself answered this question with True but everyone has the reasons for their answers here.

Kirsten commented on this question in her own blog with a link to a video that demonstrated why some of us Gen Y population feel about the introduction of technology and social media, and how we might have so many friends on social media sites, but when it comes down to it, how many true friends do we really have? How many of your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites would you stop and have a conversation with when you see them in person?

Is this the kind of world our kids are entering into? One where they are unable to communicate with each other face to face but are willing to have a connection with others on the many forms of social media. Have we already set up our children’s futures to be anti-social?

This is something that I feel strongly about as I work with children and I worry that they will lose the ability to hold a substantial and informative conversation with their friends, families and/or colleagues.

On another note though, Week 2 is over, which means Assignment 1 will be due in 2 weeks and our own social lives will begin to deteriorate as we begin the crunch time of mid-semester assessments.

So until next time, Stay social and make the effort to interact with someone you may not have spoken to recently but have on your social media accounts as friends/followers!

Facebook Fanatic


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