Having a Kahoot of a time in class!!!

Hey there Bloggers,

Today in class we had a guest speaker from the local Anglican College who specialises in ICT. He introduced us to the program Kahoot, where we participated in a group quiz and competed against each other. As the guest speaker explained to us all, it is a perfect way to get all the children involved as they all enter their own answers on the computers and/or iPads, but it then encourages them to discuss the questions once the have entered their own answer, and therefore giving them the option to discuss the content as well as their answers.

This type of interaction was evident with us within the class, as we completed a quiz on “How Australian are you?” and once each question appeared on the big screen, we would individually answer it, and then turn to the person next to us and express our opinion on the question. This portrayed the type of interaction this program is aimed to achieve and how ICT can be a positive in the classroom.

Until next time, give the program a try, and create yourself a quiz to use when your on your next prac šŸ™‚

Kahoot enthusiast


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