Minecraft – Educational or not?

Hi there,

Over the last few months the children at workplace – School Age Care, where they have been obsessing over the game ‘Minecraft”and i was having a hard time working out how this game could be educational, since thats what the children were trying to convince me. Olivia shared a link on her page that demonstrated how teachers and students benefit how this game could be assisting children in becoming increasingly more creative – as it allows them to create projects, but it is free from the limitations that common methods usually processes.

This game at first made me start to wonder how this game could be educational in any way, but after reading this article as well as Olivia’s blog (who I work with), made me begin to realise the benefits this game is bringing to our younger generations lives and why this game should be encouraged in the classroom, as well as at home. The benefits include: problem solving both individually and in a team, spatial awareness, reading and writing skills, physical dexterity with keyboards and remotes, maths and science ability, and communication skills. But most of all, Minecraft can allow opportunities for children to demonstrate¬†their creativity.

So how many other games are available, but us as teachers/adults don’t understand the educational aspect of them? Are we giving our students/children a disadvantage by not having the knowledge on the potential that some games might be able to offer the children?

Until next week,

Minecraft beginner


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