Assignment week….. Arghhhhhhh!

Howdy Bloggers,

So this week is the final week before our assignment is due, and let me tell you, Im freaking out… Well I was until I discovered the website Prezi. This program is amazing and is definitely a way that we could implement ICT into a classroom and a way to design presentations for the classroom.

It could also be used as a way for the students to create a presentation – opposed to PowerPoint as it will allow them to experience a diverse type of presentations they could experience in the real world, not just at university level but in many different professions. This program will however be mainly aimed at the older year levels when it comes to creating their own Prezi, it can still be used for the younger year levels as a way to display information, in a fun and enjoyable way.

Give it a shot, if I can use it then many of you can 🙂

Prezi Lover


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