Edutopia…. Edu-what???

So Bloggers,

Hope your all having an awesome week and not stressing hardcore like myself and my fellow EDC3100 classmates…

This Monday coming we hand in our first assignment and its safe to say we are all worried about how to do this. But when I was going over my notes from the previous weeks lectures I discovered this amazing online program called Edutopia. Edutopia aims at offering teachers, administrators and parents within public schools with resources, tools and solutions to how to assist our students. This program offers articles that other teachers have submitted that can assist us all with problems and situations that we may experience on a regular or irregular basis. This program was useful with Assignment 1 for EDC3100 and I’m sure it will become very useful when it comes to Assignment 2 and 3 as well as when I go on Professional Experience for this subject.

So until next time bloggers, check out this website and hopefully next time I blog its me submitting my assignment…. Wish me luck šŸ™‚

Frantic Student….


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