Assignment 1 is complete!!!!

Hey Bloggers,

It’s finally done… I have finally finished this assignment and couldn’t be more thrilled. Not because it was a painful assignment, it was the complete opposite actually (Plus I had another assignment for one of my other subjects due today also). Many assignments that we complete in our Bachelor of Education degree you wonder how you will ever use this when you graduate and enter the torturous world of teaching…. but with this assignment that thought never entered my mind. Whilst it was a long and tedious journey to create, design and develop the online artefact, I could actually understand the use of the assignment and that if I was to be given a Prep class once I graduate, then I would be able to produce this assignment to the parents and carers of my students. As happy as I am to have finished this assignment, I feel that I did gain a lot of experience and useful skills from it.

So without further ado, I present to you all – Miss Thomas’ Prep Class Online Artefact.

Now, someone hand me a glass of wine 🙂

See you all real soon,

A very tired Student


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