A lil chuckle for you all :)

Good evening bloggers,

So tonight in class our lecture handed out a multitude of unit plans from his school (some from this year, some from years passed). As I am studying Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood, as is a friend of mine in the class, both wanted one for Prep so we grabbed one that was for History in Prep that was from this year and based on the children’s families. As we looked through the unit plan, we discovered some great ways to introduce to the students different types of families. A great one was the Brady Brunch theme song and the connection it has in being able to explain to children what combined families are.

Another great one was the use of the tv show – Small potatoes and its variety of different characters. Some are round and fat whilst others are long and skinny. Some are half Spanish and some are “normal shaped potato”. It demonstrates to children how families can be made of people of different body shapes and types. Something that some adults need to learn about too.

Give the videos a watch, I thought I would blog about them and give us all a little chuckle after the stressful weekend we have all had.

Sweet dreams

Small potatoes fanatic


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