Its almost the holidays… Woo hoo!!!!


So it’s almost school holidays, which means it’s almost Vacation Care and that means it’s almost time to have 130 crazy but beautiful children every day for two weeks to enjoy! I work at my local PCYC in the School Age Care program and I absolutely love my job ❤ To most people it sounds like HELL my job but to me and my fellow work mates, we love every minute of it. My fellow work mate, Olivia, shared our program recently on her blog and described some of our adventures that we will be doing 🙂

As we all do our little bit to creating the program for this two weeks of fun, the days I look forward to working are the Emergency Services day, the trip to the movies to see Shaun the Sheep and the trip to Explor-a-saurus. However since doing this ICT subject, I wonder what ways we could incorporate more ICT components to the program. If you have an ideas, share them please 🙂

Speak soon my blogger friends

Holiday lover!


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