Assignment 2 is on its way….. Eeeek!

Good evening all,

Sorry for not blogging in the last week… I tore a ligament in my ankle (which was already badly damaged) and have been dosed up on painkillers since I did it which make me very drowsy. I also have two other assignments due before next Wednesday so I am slightly distracted at the moment…. Argh!!

But anyway, I did come across a classmates blog, who developed an excellent example of a mind map in what and how to attack Assignment 2. Jenny’s mind map gave me a great understanding on the extent of work this assignment entails, as well as allowing me to have a minor heart attack on how I am going to do this massive piece of assessment done in time.

Mind maps are great way of breaking down an assessment, allowing you to work out each part of the assignment individually which in turn ensures you don’t miss any component of the assignment. As I am a visual learner (same as Jenny), sometimes reading written information can be so overwhelming that you lose your concentration on what you were reading and miss components listed in the assessment task.

So until next time, when hopefully I will have begun this assignment.

Sweet dreams,

Mind maps supporter


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