Where did my Holidays go???

Hi there Bloggers,

So I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it feels like I haven’t even started my holidays and yet it’s somehow almost over! Argh…. I was hoping to catch up and begin the next assignment for this subject, but instead I have been coped up on painkillers with torn ligaments in my right ankle, two other assignments due this week, Thursday will be my birthday and Friday is my boyfriends birthday – the saying “No rest for the wicked” is an understatement for me right now :/

But as I scrolled through “Blogs I follow”, I came across Ashleigh’s blog and became a little bit distressed that in just over a months time I will be off to my 4th Professional Experience in my degree! I’m off to a Year 1 class at the same school as I completed my last prac at (Course requirements say I must return to that school). I’m excited to go into Year 1 and experience the different curriculum as my previous 3 prac’s were in Toddlers room, Kindy and Prep rooms – pleasures of specialising in Early Childhood. It will be interesting to see what uses of ICT i will have available in the classroom for me to use with the students.

Until next time,

Holidays lover!


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