Integrating resources between subjects

Hi bloggers.

So I just completed another subjects assignment and had to make an online artefact again – just like we had to for assignment 1 of this course. It was so handy that I had already learnt how to use Powtoon which allowed me to complete the assignment more effectively and with better effects than I did for Assignment 1 for EDC3100. It demonstrated to me how useful this subject actually is and how we are able to integrate learnings from one subject to the next, as well as into our futures as teachers.

It’s a great resource that helps present presentations at a higher level than PowerPoint or Word. It allows the incorporation of music, text, images and videos. Video presentations are highly encouraged when looking for jobs, and having the ability to use programs such as Powtoon is definitely an advantage.

Have a look and play around on it, after a while it becomes fun and doesn’t feel like you are writing/ completing another assignment.

Speak soon bloggers,

Powtoon Promoter


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