Creating a QR barcode…. Just another cool resource

Good Evening Bloggers,

Well I made it to class this week (as I am still on crutches and can’t drive myself anywhere), and we had another guest speaker who was awesome. Leanne is a Prep teacher at the same school I did my last Prac at (and also the school I will be returning to for this Prac) and had some awesome resources that we can all really use in our classrooms – regardless of what context we will be working in.

One of the resource that definitely will stick with me, not just cause it was really cool, but a way for the children to present a website assignment or something of its kind. The resource was the use of QR codes and being able to scan them. Leanne showed us how we can use QR codes as ways for the children to use the iPad’s and discover different things (Nursery Rhymes, Secret Words, Websites etc).

Here is the QR code of my WordPress blog šŸ˜€

blog QR code

Have a play around bloggers, it was something I thought is an awesome resource for when I am on PracĀ as well asĀ when I begin my teaching career.


QR code fashionista


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