XO Laptops – a small laptop created for the next generation!

Hi Bloggers,

So, last week in class, we had a guest speaker who introduced us to lots of cool resources for when we head out on Prac. I was fortunate enough to know about most of these and she was from the same school that I did my last Prac at and teaches in the same year level that I was in too. One of the cool resources she brought in was an XO Laptop – something that each child in the class is issued at the beginning of the year.

XO computers are mini computers that are easy to use for young children and come with many new and exciting apps. They are small, accessible and very similar to an iPad but allow for children to use a keyboard and keypad – something that would have been so handy and nice to have around when we were growing up. They have a program installed into them however, that is called Hardware, that allows for them to be used as a ‘one laptop per child” program.

Have a look at the website and see what you think about them. They are definitely something that schools should invest in.




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