First week completed…

Hi Bloggers,

So this week is a short week as it is my area’s show holiday, and thank goodness its a short week because I am exhausted. I have absolutely loved my first week though, I have a really lovely Mentor teacher, a beautiful cohort of students and really enjoying being in Year 1 (although Year 1 is very different and much harder than when I was in Year 1).

This week and next week its assessment time so unfortunately I am unable to run most of the classes, but I am still able to help out and have been able to run my own sessions. My classroom is pretty limited with ICTs so I have had to work out some creative ways to incorporate ICT into my lesson plans. I have access to 3 computers, an iPad and a computer that is connected to a projector so we can view it on the white board.

The projector has actually been an awesome ICT to have in the classroom 🙂 Here is an awesome link to an article of 50 ways to use projectors in a classroom… some awesome ideas I can really use for the next few weeks.

Anyway bloggers, I am hitting the sack, as I am exhausted from spending too much time with 5/6 year olds.

Speak soon,

Exhausted Pre-service Teacher


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