Is the weekend really over?

Soooo Bloggers,

It’s sunday afternoon and I have spent all day planning as much as I can for the week ahead (from what the teacher could give me in advance). I never used to look forward to weekends coz I normally work in a pub, so weekends mean work, but the last two weekends I have really looked forward to them as I am exhausted from Prac.

As Natalie had written in her blog, she has gained so much confidence after her first two weeks of being on Prac and I totally feel the same way. This prac has been the prac that I needed that helped me to realise I am heading into the right career. This has definitely been thanks to my amazing mentor teacher, who has become like a friend and I feel comfortable asking her anything.

Tracey also mentioned in her blog, the amount of late nights she has had, how she is losing her voice and getting a flu and how she feels like she has a messy house. Well I am right there with you Tracey, plus I have had two other assignments due whilst I have been on prac and have a house inspection this week (and live with a really unhelpful housemate).

So as much as I have loved being on Prac, it has been an exhausting two weeks and this next week will surely be just as exhausting but I’m sure will zoom through and I will be so sad to leave. However I have two assignments to complete and then I’ll be on holidays 🙂 YAY!

Speak soon,

An exhausted Pre-service Teacher


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