Reading Group Rotation and their connection with ICT

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With the Prac’s main focal point being on the use of ICTs in the classroom, the teachers already incorporated ICT into their reading rotations. There were 9 rounds for reading rotations (as we joined with the Year 1 class next door for a lot of activities), so it allowed for different resources to be incorporated.

One rotation consisted of four iPad’s that had spelling and reading apps open for the children to share within their group (most groups consisted of 4 to 6 children). These kinds of apps give the children the opportunity to expanding their reading and spelling skills and development.

Another rotation was the use of the computers that were in the room. There was 3 in each room (6 total) and were usually connected to Sunshine Online – an online program that assists children with their learning and reading. It offers the teachers to have access to over 550 e-books and over 1000 interactive activities that focus on phonics, comprehension, fluency, spelling and writing. A well discovered resource and one I will be keeping handy for the future. The computers were also used in the last week so that the children could complete the second part of their English Assessment – to create their image of the Rainbow Fish at the end of the story using a Drawing software. We used Paint and their children were able to design some creative Rainbow Fish.

Lastly, the final ICT rotation was the use of MP3’s, where the children were able to listen to different stories during the rotation – an excellent resource for a school that doesn’t have many forms of ICTs available to them.

It was great to see the amount of ICTs used within my classroom, considering when I said to my mentor teacher that I need to incorporate ICT into my lesson plans she was a little worried and nervous of the “lack” of ICTs available. There are differently many ways to incorporate ICT into the curriculum.

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