All done – So sad to leave!

Well that’s a wrap Bloggers,

Yesterday was the last day of Prac for me, so the next 5 days is head down and bum up to complete my last two assignments. Doesn’t really help that I am still as sick as a dog and the doctor has me on two different types and doses of antibiotics, a dose of steroids and pseudo-ephedrine to help me get better – not my idea of a light dose of medication at all. But hopefully they start to kick in soon and I can focus and complete this assignment and another subjects assignment by Monday – as I fly out for Tasmania on Wednesday 🙂

It was so sad to leave my little year 1’s yesterday. They all gave me a big hug and told me that they are gonna miss me teaching them which made me feel really good. My mentor teacher said she is going to be so lost too – as I am a crazy organised freak and had her desk so organised to help her be able to find things. Haha. She gave me an excellent report to and said I was already at Graduate Level – And I still have 18 months of study to go! So I left feeling really proud of myself, sick as a dog but still proud that I made a slight difference to that class and the students in there.

Its gonna be hard next semester as I don’t have to do a Prac. I love going on Prac – minus always getting sick at the end and how busy we get, it’s still so rewarding and enjoyable and helps to remind myself that everything I go through with uni is worth it and I know I am definitely heading into the right career.

So until next time bloggers, enjoy life and remember that everything happens for a reason 🙂

Exhausted yet proud Pre-service Teacher 



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